Weston Park Collaborative 2016 - 2017

The WPH collaborative has a number of aims to support 6 -7 microsystem teams at WPH to improve care for the patients they serve by July 2017. It will do this by building quality improvement capability with the staff within WPH so that quality improvements can be maintained and improvement becomes continuous during this period. The aim is to support and develop new MCA coaches working in the WPH environment by buddying them with experienced service improvement coaches. WPH teams will hopefully learn from each other by sharing improvements and good ideas to accelerate the rate of improvement for patient. Eventually we will be able spread the approach and learning from the improvement approach adopted by the MCA Ward and Outpatient Collaboratives within WPH. The current teams are currently on the collaborative:

 The timeline for the collaborative is as follows:



WP Collaborative one page book

5Ps one page book

Effective Meetings one page book

Microsystems Basics Leaflet

WPH Progress Report Template

Session slides

Session 1 slides

Session 2 slides

Session 3 slides

Session 5 slides

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