Transforming Patient Care

Our role is to support clinical directorates to create and act on their own improvement plans.

  • A dedicated point of contact for each of the Trust’s care groups to receive support and escalate issues.
  • An Improvement Curriculum of best practice activities to prompt improvement work. This will provide tools, metrics and process for improvement; by defining levels of achievement, departments can receive recognition and celebrate when milestones are reached.
  • A series of learning sessions, linked to our projects and curriculum, to build improvement capability in clinical directorates. These sessions also provide the opportunity for teams to have their successes and work together on common challenges.
  • Environment Standards which were developed from Trust-wide evaluation and internal benchmarking. These provide a helpful steer for departments aiming to improve their physical outpatient spaces.
  • Bespoke improvement projects in clinical areas/directorates including team coaching, engagement activities, and support implementing change.  

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