Weston Park Inpatients

Coached by Jim Chapman and Emma Warrendar

Ward managers - Amanda Traynor and Stuart Amos




Weston Park Hospital provides cancer treatment services for patients across the region as well as Sheffield.  Weston Park has 79 inpatient beds spread over three separate wards. There is also an eight bedded assessment unit where patients who are receiving treatment but experiencing side effects can be seen for advice and treatment.

Assessment and diagnosis


The staff from wards 3 and 2 and the Teenage Cancer carried out an in depth 5p’s assessment as part of the Weston Park Collaborative.  The assessment took about five weeks and five improvement themes were identified. They were, the use of the e-whiteboard, admissions, discharges, medication delays, food and transport.


The team identified that not all staff were using the e-whiteboard for multiple reasons. They designed a specific aim to reduce the number of flashing icons by 50% by the end of January 2017. If an icon is flashing it means that a care action is required. This information is crucial for the patients treatment, assessment, diagnosis and discharge.

Staff received training in how to use the system and the staff were also given allotted times to update their icons. The staff also started using the whiteboard for their board rounds. The number of flashing icons requiring action has gone down from 112 to 17, an improvement of 85%.

The whiteboard is just part of what we do now” Holly Cook, Staff nurse


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