Wainwright Crescent - February 2016



Wainwright Crescent in a nine bedded unit for service users with mental health issues. Service users come to the unit for respite breaks or as a step down from the acute admission wards.


Staff gathered data from various sources including feeback from service users.  Data was already being collected within the team on length of stay.  Process maps were completed for both respite and step down patients.


A few clear themes came out of the assessment exercise. These were: a) service user expectations b) length of stay c) equality of care and d) staff not meeting regularly. Length of stay was a particularly important issue as service users were only meant to stay for 28 days. The problems identified were predominantly housing related.


The team used ‘De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats’ on several occasions to brainstorm a fresh approach to issues. A service user leaflet was designed by the service so that service users knew what their visit / stay would entail. Weekly care planning meetings were introduced and a new role for a member of staff was trialled to identify any housing issues early in the service users' stay and offer practical support in overcoming these.


Following these changes the average length of stay decreased from 47 days to 24.


The team continue to meet and are looking at ways of increasing the occupancy rate for their respite beds.

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