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The pre-op clinic at Royal Hallamshire Hospital kicked off their Microsystem improvement work at ‘the fishbowl’ on Cohort 6 of the MCA course, with Caroline Eadson continuing as their coach. They were also part of the Outpatient Collaborative Programme.



Through collection of information, they learnt that a large proportion of their staff felt stressed a lot of the time and another significant proportion were not stressed.  The other area they quickly identified for improvement is that they felt patients were unclear on who to go to next in the pre-op clinic and when they were able to leave.



Unpicking the data further revealed the staff stress was due to a high level of variation between time spent with patients, & with wait times across all stages of the pre-op process. The team have reduced some of the variation across the support worker role by standardising the way they label sample bottles. They are now working on standardising the staff nurse role after patients complete ePAQ-PO, and hope to move on to reduce some variation in Nurse Practitioner processes.

The team designed a ‘tracker form’ to be completed with for completion with the first point of contact with the patient. The patient carries it around the clinic and it is ‘ticked at each stage’.



Staff nurses are currently testing  a standard procedure for seeing patients who have just completed the ePAQ questionnaire on the computer. They are measuring and monitoring the results.

They trialled using the tracker form as mentioned above and found that they reduced the number of interruptions at reception desk with patient queries about whether they could leave from 50 per week to 0. It continues to be 0.



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