Sheffield Skin Cancer Pathway

The Sheffield Skin Cancer Pathway has been working collaboratively to improve services for patients. Supported by The Flow Coaching Academy a weekly Big Room meeting has brought together people from across the pathway to understand the wider system of skin cancer care and the experience for patients. Supported by a Clinical Coach who works within the pathway and a coach external to the pathway the team has increased collaborative working and shared understanding of the pathway.

To date the Big Room has tested initial small changes that have resulted in the development of shared clinical time between Plastic Surgery and Dermatology increasing capacity to see patients with a potential new diagnosis.

For patients requiring both dermatology and plastics interventions this improvement has reduced on average 2 weeks from the patients journey, removed an unnecessary outpatient visit and in some cases the opportunity for on-day surgery.

Subsequent developments have generated further joint clinics for complex cancers. In addition to specific skin cancer work the Big Room has been influential in the development of a shared Minor Operations Facility releasing space and costs from main theatres and providing additional capacity for other essential surgery. The Skin Cancer Big Room continues to meet weekly and is now part of core business for the staff who attend.

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