Stories: Sheffield Childrens

  • Tongue Tie Service

    Reducing the time from referral to treatment from 14 days to 6 days

  • Special School Occupational Therapists

    Reducing the turnaround time for requests from 20 weeks to 5 weeks

  • Paediatric Psychology

    Standardising letter templates from 80 to 9, saving 2.5 admin hours per week

  • Uveitis Clinic

    Reducing the average time patients are at Uveitis clinic from 1 hr 27 mins to 59 mins

  • Looked After and Adopted Children's Health

    Understanding systems and processes allows everyone to work to their individual strengths, and increase the timeliness and quality of the work.

  • Botox for Children with Cerebral Palsy

    Increasing the proportion of patients receiving timely therapy from 52% to 92%

  • Hearing Services (SCH)

    Reducing hospital cancelled appointments by 41%, plus many other improvements

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