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It makes you so proud to have achieved something so colossal!

On 4 December 2013 the MCA welcomed the Sheffield Contraception and Sexual Health team to its Ninth Networking Event. The SCASH team talked about what it has been like for them to work with their microsystem improvement coach (Beccy McGeehan) and also about some of the improvements they have been making since they first started looking at their system in depth.

Through testing, measuring, persistance and testing again they have ultimately re-designed their service to the benefit of both patients and staff. The demand on the old system was too great and at one point they were turning away 45 patients in a week. After re-thinking and re-designing the service they are now not turning any patients away. Well done to all involved!

If it hadn't been for microsystems we would never have got to this point...

If you would like to hear more about their story please watch the short 12.5 minute video below.

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