Pulmonary Rehab Team



The Pulmonary Rehab Team are part of the Active Programmes work at STH. Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a specially designed programme for people with chronic lung disease. It is a combination of exercise and education that will help you become more control of your breathing and active. This can be in a group or at home depending on your circumstances. You can be referred by your GP, hospital consultant or any other health care professional.



The team did a 5p’s assessment and came up with a theme of waiting for treatment.



The team followed the Dartmouth Improvement ramp, did some brainstorming and introduced some small tests of change. These including simplifying appointment letters and phoning patients before their sessions. Waiting times were recorded on a spreadsheet.

The time from triaging a patient to them starting on the programme was reduced from 77 days to 51 days. The team are now looking at how long the treatment lasts and are doing a PDSA to reduce this.

Reduced treatment length


The team followed a similar method to look at treatment length, which could be up to 84 days. A protocol was introduced for ‘unable to attend’ and ‘did not attend’ patients and appointment cards were introduced. The average duration of treatment fell from 61 days to 38. 

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