Paediatric Psychology

The Paediatric Psychology service works with children, young people and their families to manage the emotional impact of physical health problems. The team is made up of clinical psychologists, family therapists, a Changing Faces practitioner, a psychiatrist and administration staff.
Members of the team have been having regular Quality Improvement meetings using the Clinical Microsystems methodology for the last 18 months. With the support of an improvement coach, they have been working to streamline their referral and appointment booking process.
One big change has been to standardise and rationalise appointment letters. Previously each psychologist had their own letter templates, each with different information, file names and uses. They have reduced the number of letters available...
This change has dramatically reduced the time it takes the admin team to find the appropriate letter (from 2 mins to 9 secs) saving 2 1/2 hours of admin time each week. Over a year this equates to over 3 weeks worth of admin time saved, meaning they can keep on top of their workload and ensure the service runs smoothly for patients and the team.
We are really pleased to streamline this part of the process. It's made it easier to process referrals from both a clinician and admin perspective. This extra time can now be spent on patient care.
The Microsystem Team

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