Nuclear Medicine - Thyrotoxicosis



The Thyrotoxicosis microsystem began in March 2016. The purpose of the team is to provide a safe, high quality, timely, patient centred treatment for patients with an over active thyroid. Patients come to the service at the Royal Hallamshire site to be treated by Nuclear Medicine for their over active thyroids. Patients are mainly referred from Sheffield and there are some referrals from Rotherham.



The team completed their 5P’s assessment in May 2016.  The 5P’s assessment clearly identified that there were delays with patients in the department. A process map identified that this delay was mainly caused when the patient was waiting to see the doctor. This could cause up to a 2-3 hour delay particularly if other clinics over ran.



In consultation with the consultants the team have redesigned their process so that technicians can do most of the functions that the doctors do. This includes:

  • Taking bloods (TFTs)
  • Obtaining patient consent
  • Assessing for possible eye disease
  • Introducing a standard operating procedure for technicians to follow.



A tracker form was introduced to record how long patients were in the department for. This was used before and after the doctor intervention.  There is still some additional work to do around obtaining consent and scheduling. The initial PDSA has shown a reduction in patient waiting from 104 minutes to 84. The target is 60 and data collection is continuing


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