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The Medical Photography microsystem was started in December 2015 with the help of Andy Humphries as the coach. Medical Photography take photographs and video recordings of patients’ conditions for diagnosis, hospital records, treatment planning, teaching and research. Photography is carried out by professionally trained staff and where possible will take place in the fully equipped studio located within the hospital.



The team completed a love and nuts exercise as part of their 5P’s assessment.  The team decided to review the photographic and admin processes. This review identified unnecessary steps and delays in the process. The team also identified a need to reduce printing and to improve completion time. Another area that the microsystem focussed on was the quality and accuracy of the data that Medical Photography stored



The team have  redesigned  their processes to improve the accuracy and speed of their workflow and standardise their system.  The team have tested many improvement ideas including:


  • The redesign of the order comms (electronic requests) process
  • Introduced Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for core processes
  • Redesigning the battery management system
  • Improving time management through planning and daily team briefing


The largest change idea has been to develop a new post production process.  This involves moving all photographers work into a single finishing process instead of each photographer working on their own jobs.  This process will also improve the data held within the electronic system.



Following the above work the overall the number of reports completed with 21 days has improved from 56% in 2015 to 97% in 2016. Microsystem coach, Andy Humphries has said, “This has developed many skills for me personally including, analysing data in Excel, generating reports and being able to delegate much better.  I have also been able to use these methodologies in my day to day job as well”

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