MCA Cohort 3 Stories

The MCA held the 1st MCA Connect Event on 1st July 14, members of Cohort 3 presented posters showing some of the quality improvement work they have been doing over the last 6 months in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Childrens Hospital and Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust. Please take a look at some of the posters which were presented on the day.

  • Dietetic Services - Coach: Daniel Wolstenholme - The Dietetic Service wanted to decrease the percentage DNA rates for new and follow up appointments, take a look and see how they have been getting on
  • Radiology - Coach: Claire Birch -The department wanted to redesign the waiting area in order to improve patient experience, see how they plan on doing this
  • Post Mortem Service - Coach: Melaine Larder - The Post Mortem team at the Children's Hospital wanted to improve the service and maintain quality, click to see some of the great work that has been occuring
  • Breast Service (Fast Track) - Coach: Patrick Richmond - To reduce waiting time in the clinic was the specific aim of this microsystem, see how the team has been working in order to achieve this
  • Metabolic Bone Centre - Coach: Joe Langley - Joe has been coaching the team to help them look at ways in which they want to improve quality, see some of the high quality work they have been doing
  • Community Mental Health Team - Coach: Paul Nicholson - The team set an aim to improve their response time to referrals, see how Paul's skills as a coach has been helping them work towards this
  • HIV Clinic - Coach: Paul Whitehouse - The HIV Clinic Team wanted to make real quality improvements to ensure the patients were receiving the best quality of care, take a look to see how they are making progress in their journey





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