Stories: Excellent Emergency Care

  • Haematology ward microsystem

    This poster came third at a recent national conference and illustrates some excellent improvement work in Haematology around Neutropenic sepsis

  • Osborn 3 - Discharge Process and TTO's

    Through working to improve the TTO process on Osborn 3 the team have:

  • Brearley 5 Therapy Project

    An already established project adopted microsystem improvement to reduce falls and improve social dining.

  • Weston Park Inpatients

    An increase of 85% in staff using the e-whiteboard

  • Geriatric and Stroke Medicine

    This a successful Microsystem, part of the ward collaborative, that has improved E-discharge and has reduced ward noise levels.

  • Osborn 3 - Ward Rounds

    Through the introduction of a structured ward round the Osborn 3 Team achieved: "An increase in patients who have clear set of actions agreed during the MDT" "A structured approach to ensuring...

  • Respiratory CHANGE

    The four Brearley wing respiratory wards at the Northern General Hospital (Brearley 1-4) have for the past two years been involved in improvement work as outlined on this page. The work started...

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