Darnall Primary Care Centre

Our Patients

- Approximately 8000 patients registered.
- 600 appointment slots per week on average across all clinical groups.
- A vibrant, diverse community, Darnall PCC is in the top 5 GP practices for interpreter services in the country so we have interpreters on site to assist with communication.
- Darnall Wellbeing is co-located and offers support and practical help to people.

‘Through our integrated programme of activities and services, our aim is to reduce health inequalities by helping people build their knowledge and resilience to manage their own health and wellbeing.’ https://whatworkswellbeing.org/darnall-wellbeing-there-are-other-ways-to-stay-healthy/

Our Theme is Access

From analysis of patient questionnaire data and listening to our patients it is clear that we need to improve access to the services we offer. A new phone system was identified as being part of the solution but this is outside the authority of the Microsystem Lead Improvement team to deliver. So we aim to improve the efficiency of other processes around reception to release time to deal direct with service users face to face and on the telephone

Latest news: Senior management have placed an order for a new phone system. The Microsystem Lead Improvement team have contributed to the requirements gathering process to ensure the new system delivers the benefits to the patients that are needed.

Our Specific Aims

Specific Aim 1: We will increase the number of active online registrations from 2.3% to 10% by July 2017

Specific Aim 2: We will decrease the number of inappropriate new medication / acute prescription requests / tasks sent to ‘doctor Darnall community health’ to an average of 5 per week by 31/08/2017

Our Data


Patient feedback….  De-registrations…  Telephone call data…  Number of patients accessing SystmOnline…  How many tasks to GPs contain ‘complete’ information?...  DNAs and un-booked slots… number of steps to complete a registration… how long to  process the post…. How many     patients see the most appropriate professional first time...

Our Processes

Prescription request tasks …  Registering new patients… Deductions… Post… Telephone appointment bookings

     Current Process

      Proposed New Process



Our Change Ideas

Black = not yet. Green = under way/done. Amber = in the pipeline but out of our control


Enable online booking… Encourage patients to register for SystmOnline… Add message about online access to prescription counterfoils  Advertise cost of DNAs in patient waiting area… Improve self check-in system… Bring in more staff at peak call times… Gather prescription task information before sending the task to the GP… New protocol for reception to follow when dealing with repeat prescription requests… Purchase a new phone system… Utilize the patient message board to communicate benefits of online access… Encourage patients to cancel appointments they no longer need… Improved access to book appointments should reduce the number of ‘just in case’ appointments…


What Next

Challenge: Meetings are intermittent (but enthusiastic)
What will we do? Invite more people. Advertise the work. Communicate.

Challenge: Capacity of staff to gather baseline data and implement change ideas. Capability rich, time poor.
What will we do? Plan better. Share the workload. Help one another. Persist.

To be, or not to be? We’re pressing ahead because we believe in the approach. Bottom-up, data driven change using the scientific method and proven change concepts

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