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Cystic Fibrosis is a life long condition diagnosed at birth which requires multiple and often frequent follow up attendances in clinic. Based at the Northern General Hospital, the STH Cystic Fibrosis Service has a large catchment area with patients travelling from as far away as Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Burton-on Trent.


  • Patients, aged 20-40 visit the OPD on a regular basis and are seen by various MDT clinicians. However these visits are often lengthy and can involve significant waiting, and a poor patient experience.
  • Patients are never discharged and demand for the service is continually increasing.


5Ps Assessment of the System







Redesign - Treating The System

The Clinic was redesigned redesigned to the new template shown below.


Follow Up frequency by band standardised - PDSA to help increase capacity and meet growing demand.

Waiting time was reduced from mean of 40 mins to 8 mins

Improvements in clinic flow and patient experience also had a positive effect on DNA rate for the service, reducing rate from 20.6% to 8.7%

  • Redesign of annual review process. Unnecessary diagnostic tests and scans removed saving an estimated £15k
  • Process re ordered as below to reduce variation and improve the efficiency of the process
  • Reduction in time spent at hospital from a full day to a half day for most patients


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