Community Enhancing Recovery Team (CERT)



CERT is an inpatient service in Sheffield Health & Social Care that look after service users with severe or enduring mental health problems in their homes. CERT carries out intensive visits lasting up to six hours per day; essentially it is ‘hospital at home’. The purpose of the team is to reduce the dependence on inpatient stay and to help service users live a fulfilling life as defined by themselves.


The 5Ps took almost four months to complete, this was because the group carried out not one but two team-wide surveys for the ‘Professionals’ section. There were very clear themes of job satisfaction and peer support running throughout the team. An area for development that came up was around communication, the dynamic nature of the team means it’s not easy to inform everyone of sudden changes to someone’s care for example. The process map for the team was very illuminating and the group really enjoyed the exercise, it showed visually just how much the team interacts with other teams and organisations.


A number of themes came out of the 5P assessment, these were:
·         Care plans
·         Having standardised procedures and processes for discharges, entry into CERT etc
·         CERT the brand – improving the information about the team and developing a website/leaflet
·         Consistency on care records
·         Handover meetings (content and logistics)
·         Tasks (staff needing time for admin duties, travel, reduce the need to work beyond their standard hours etc.)


This is a list of improvements so far and changes still being measured:
·         New Handover Sheet that is more succinct and more effective, fully adopted now across the team
·         Handover meetings were too long and not focussed enough, team is trialling a new way of carrying out Handover meetings with emphasis on “what do we need to know”
·         Admin staff to take notes at Handover meeting allowing the Care Coordinators to focus on chairing the meetings only
·         One of the mini-teams within CERT is trialling a new way for arranging visits, there will be protected time for admin tasks and travel
·         Some staff have been trialling the inputting of clinical notes WITH the service user in their own home on a tablet, thus freeing up the need for the worker to travel back to base to input the notes
·         All relevant staff to be retrained in the use of tablets to free up the limited number of PCs at the base
·         Band 3 Recovery Workers carrying out an on-going survey where they state how long they took on each task and if they work longer or miss a break. As changes are being implemented we will be able to track the improvements via this survey.


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