Coaches Survey - March 2017


The Sheffield Microsystem Coaching Academy has now trained approximately 169 coaches across seven organisations. The aim of this survey was to identify if graduates of the MCA were still coaching or were at least using elements of the MCA course.


A survey was sent out to 127 coaches that were trained on cohorts 1-7 at the end of January 2017. Numerous reminders were also sent out in February 2017 with follow up telephone calls in March. A total of 101 / 127 coaches responded. A response rate of 80% was achieved.


A total of 59 / 101 (58%) graduates were still coaching Microsystem Improvement Methodology. The majority of coaches, coached one team – 60%.  Out of the 42 coaches not coaching, capacity, time constraints and the coach just stopping were the main reasons for this.

Out of the coaches not coaching 37 / 42, 88% were still using the techniques learned on the course in their day to day job even though they were not formally coaching. Out of the 42 not coaching 25 said that they would like to may be start up again, with a bit of a refresher and more capacity. Two expressed an interest in co-coaching. Many graduates 90 / 101 (89%) said that they were using elements of the course in their day to day job. This was particularly the case in terms of using process mapping, measurement, effective meeting skills, and reframing. Overall, the MCA course received excellent feedback.

The MCA is the biggest life changing event for me since having children (and I'm so much happier for it)!!”

I have found it very liberating when coming to deal with both professional and personal 'issues' at work - the concept of standing back and actually thinking about the work and yourself has enabled that”.

A massive culture change in Weston Park. Staff now believe they have an impact and can effect change

I think MCA is the best 'flavour' of Service Improvement I have come across and is important to successful transformation across the Sheffield health economy”

It still remains a challenge within the NHS organisations to allow all graduates the time to continue coaching with there already busy roles.

I just wanted to say that just because someone isn't formally coaching an identified team this needn't necessarily mean that they're not making valuable use of the Microsystems coach training. The training I received has had a significant, positive and lasting impact on the way I'm able to work and has undoubtedly made me more effective in my current role whereby I'm able to combine my clinical knowledge with an understanding of improvement methodology”

It was great, but the day job gets in the way.  Now I have qualified there is not the focus that I had on the training course.  I keep meaning to read the books and my notes, but the day job gets in the way unfortunately”


58% of coaches carry on coaching after the MCA course. Capacity, time constraints and the coach themselves stopping were the main reasons. The continuation rate of coaching is significantly different between the Sheffield Trusts, this may be indicative of the different amount of service improvement resources at each Trust and the size of the organisation. Nearly 90% of graduates have used elements of the MCA course in their day to day job even if they were not formally coaching. Some graduates have said that they may be interested in getting back into coaching with a refresher or co-coaching.

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