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Making the Woman the centre of ALL the work you can almost argue anything

Antenatal Services recently came to one of the MCA Networking Events to talk about their experiences of quality improvement work and working with a microsystem improvement coach.

After taking time out to understand their system the team came up with a number of common themes that were causing issues for patients and staff. The "Themes" for improvement were as follows:-

  • Poor patient flow
  • Patient waiting time
  • Duplication of effort

Having taken time to understand their system, the team set clear goals for what they wanted to improve. For their first aim they decided they wanted to reduce patient waiting time. However, to achieve this they had to come up with a number of "Change Ideas" to implement their aim for improvement. Their "Change Ideas" were as follows:-

  • Remove unecessary steps in the process
  • Improve the staff "Script"
  • Rethink the physical space
  • Find the optimal number of staff

Through implementing and testing the change ideas they achieved...

  • A 25% reduction in patient waiting time
  • Time with midwife reduced by 46% (without impacting clinically appropriate time needed with midwife)

The team also rescheduled clinic appointment times and redesigned how the patient moved through the clinic which had a big impact on how much patients had to move around and also reduced the numbers of staff waiting in the waiting room.

  • The impact of these changes has resulted in:-
  • The resource required to run the service being halved
  • Improved team working and staff satisfaction
  • Vastly improved patient experience

We weren't looking at the experience of the woman and that's what this work has been able to do


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