Seamless Surgery meets FCA

“I would definitely recommend taking part in Flow. A once in a lifetime experience.”
Nick Lee, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and Certified Flow Coach
This is an invitation for Surgical Pathways & Flow Coaches from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to join Cohort 3 of the Flow Coaching Academy from the Sheffield MCA.
Did you know… 60% of elective bed night opportunities for the Trust lie within 21 diagnostic groups? Maybe we can help release this through improving flow?

Seamless Surgery is a programme of improvement aiming to improve elective surgical pathways. The programme is engaging with the Sheffield Flow Coaching Academy in 2018 to apply team coaching skills & improvement science at a patient pathway level to accelerate improvement. 

If you are a clinician and can see potential for improvements for patients and staff within your pathway would you be interested in training as a Clinical Coach or putting your pathway forward? 
The programme starts February 2018 with teams from Northern Ireland, Birmingham and Exeter joining us in Sheffield.
If you are interested in helping other teams improve the care they provide to patients would you be interested in training as a Flow Coach? 
(The role of Flow Coach is open to all professional backgrounds, clinical or non-clinical)

For more information and examples of Flow improvement click here

As a Coach you will:
  • Attend 11 monthly face-to-face teaching sessions over 18 days
  • Train in quality improvement skills 
  • Work alongside each other as a co-coaching pair 
  • Experientially learn through regularly co-coaching a care pathway team over the course of the programme and beyond
  • Have subgroup support with an assigned faculty leader
  • Be part of a national programme and network that is spreading nationwide 

For expressions of interest please complete a 1 minute survey by clicking here

For more information, please contact Nick Miller on or #11560 or Emma Milner on  or #68928
For Seamless Surgery, please contact Paul Griffiths on or #61028
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