Seamless Surgery Launch

In July 2016, the Seamless Surgery Programme was launched with over 270 staff inputting their ideas & developing action plans.

Seamless Surgery brings together all the people involved in caring for patients undergoing elective surgery, understanding each & every step in the patient’s journey and using improvement methods to create a high quality patient experience. By listening & engaging with staff, we are introducing best practice at each stage of the pathway, ensuring a smooth, timely patient journey with the most efficient use of resources.

The event bought together a mix of staff from all levels involved in the elective pathway. There were presentations from senior Trust Execs and Clinical Programme Leads.

This was an opportunity for teams to spend time outside of the clinical environment talking about what currently works well and where they would like to make improvements. The event was a mix of presentations and interactive group exercises. This included starting to complete speciality specific action plans.

You can find a copy of a blank action plan here.

Post Launch

Since the launch in July, the majority of surgical specialities are now having a regular Seamless Surgery meeting or are incorporating it as an agenda item into an existing meeting. Specialties are continuing to work on the action plans and have started to test changes in their areas of work.

Some early outcomes are:

  • 79% reduction in gaps between patients on lists due to dedicated escort support worker working with Theatres 3 and 4 at NGH
  • 0 cancellations for 20 weeks in Ophthalmology due to blood pressure on day of surgery
  • 3 extra cases per week in Orthopaedics by reducing on day cancellations from 6% to 3%
  • 32 DNAs or on day cancellations prevented by phoning patients 4 days prior to surgery during trials of the process in Plastic Surgery
  • 3000 overstocked items in ENT theatres redistributed saving up to £26000
I was sceptical about how much freedom we would be given to really make  change to how we work. I have been pleasantly surprised because we have been actively encouraged to give our ideas, vent our frustrations and try new things. 
Charge Nurse, Active Recovery

Having time for all theatre users to meet and discuss problems was fantastic.This is the first time in 27 years we've had a chance to do it.

Attendee, Seamless Surgery Launch

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