What is Quality Improvement?

The US Institute of Medicine (IoM) has identified six dimensions through which quality is expressed. 

Quality heathcare is care that is -

  • Safe - Avoiding harm to patients from care that is intended to help them
  • Effective - Providing services based on scientific knowledge which produce a clear benefit
  • Patient Centred - Providing care that is responsive to an individuals' needs and values
  • Timely - Minimal wait and harmful delay
  • Efficient - Avoiding waste
  • Equitable - Care that does not vary in quality because of a persons characteristics   

What is Quality Improvement?

There is no one definition of quality improvement.  The Paul Batalden and Frank Davidoff quote below is a widely accepted definition-

The combined efforts of everyone - health care professionals, patients and their families, researchers, commissioners, educators - to make changes that will lead to better patient outcome, better system performance, and better professional development.

Paul Batalden and Frank Davidoff

 A 'One Page Book' by Paul Batalden about the fundamentals of Leading Quality Improvement in Healthcare can be found by clicking here

Three short videos are available on YouTube by Paul Batalden where he explains the concepts contained in his One Page Book. Click on the images below.

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