Patient Booking Hub

Creating a centralised facility to arrange outpatient referrals and appointment bookings.

The Patient Booking Hub will handle the management of outpatient referrals and appointment bookings and will provide an easy and positive experience for patients who need an appointment at STHFT. The Patient Booking Hub will help create effective and standardised booking process which removes duplication and some of the frustrations which arise for staff because we currently have many different booking approaches. 

The Hub aims to make outpatients a great place to work, maximising the expertise of our administrative staff by providing an environment which is better equipped to support the work they need to undertake. The new Hub will also provide staff with opportunities to work differently and more flexibly which is something we know is important to retain and attract excellent staff now and in the future. The Hub will provide increased opportunities for staff training and development; ultimately delivering greater opportunities for career progression for those who aspire to develop their careers within our Trust.

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