Outstanding Outpatients

Our Vision: to develop high quality, continuously improving outpatient services where enthusiastic, valued and able staff provide the right care first time to patients... or simply


Outstanding experience, delivered by Outstanding staff. 

Outstanding Outpatient Pledges

Our vision is underpinned by the outpatient pledges: these were developed through consultation with patients and staff in order to define ‘Outstanding’ in the context of outpatient services and agreement of the desire to deliver these aims.

We aim to:

1.       Provide you with all the information you need to best prepare for your appointment

2.       Provide clear, concise and visible, user-friendly signage

3.       Ensure all clinic and waiting rooms will be clean, tidy and comfortable

4.       Communicate with you in a welcoming, respectful and professional manner

5.       Ensure your clinic starts on time

6.       See you within 30 minutes of your appointment time and inform you of any delay

7.       Ensure our staff have all the information they need in preparation for your appointment

8.       Ensure you leave with a clear understanding of your consultation and what will happen next

9.       Apologise to you if we make mistakes or you encounter problems

10.     Seek your opinion on the quality of care and service received & use your feedback to improve our service

Programme Structure

The Outstanding Outpatients programme is made up of three major workstreams, namely:

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