MCA expo '16

MCA expo '16 was an exciting event held in Sheffield on the 6th & 7th June 2016.  We hosted many ntional and international guest speakers, stories and case studies from the MCA and beyond. It was an opportunity to network, share and learn more about quality improvement and microsystem coaching. This years expo has a focus on patient involvement in improvement.

Two inspiring days of sharing, learning & networking including:

  • Keynotes by Richard Bohmer, Maren Batalden, Margie Godfrey and other nationally renowned quality improvement leaders
  • Case studies and stories from the Sheffield MCA and beyond
  • Interactive sessions to build quality improvement knowledge and skills
  • Daytime and evening events to build your own improvement network

MCA Expo 2016 Agenda


Richard Bohmer is a New Zealand-trained doctor and a management academic. He has practiced as a hospital and primary physician and a medical administrator. He was on the faculty of Harvard Business School for 18 years where he established graduate and executive programs in health care management and co-founded the MD-MBA. He has published extensively in the medical and management literatures and is the author of Designing Care: Aligning the Nature and Management of Health Care (HBS Press, 2009).  Dr. Bohmer currently works with numerous hospitals and health authorities around the world to help them establish clinical management models and improve their performance.

Maren Batalden, MD, MPH is Associate Chief Quality Officer, Associate Director of Graduate Medical Education for Quality and Safety, and Director of Medical Management within the Accountable Care Organisation at the Cambridge Health Alliance in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr Batalden provides leadership for improvement initiatives in the domains of inpatient care, care transititions, and cross continuum population health projects for patients with chronic disease. She is clinically active as a hospitalist and is engaged in teaching quality, safety and systems improvement to undergraduate, graduate and mid career health professional learners. In all of her work - as a practicing clinician, as an educator and as a leader of institutional change projects she is interest in using the lense of co-production to catalyze more effective partnership between patients and health professionals.


John Carlisle - In the late 1960's he was part of a team that successfully implemented and became a profound major change programme in Africa - the successful Zambianisation of the copper mines. It also was here in 1969 that he discovered the link between nutrition and educational performance. He designed and ran the negotiation training for the top civil servants the UK Civil Top Management Programme, 1989 - 1991. John is a recognised authority in the field of organisation collaboration, having being the first to research the profitability of supply chain cooperation which was applied to great effect in the North Sea Oil and Gas operations.  In 1992 he established JCP, which was the largest provider of construction partnership strategies in Europe. Their most successful project came in four months early and saved $1.5 billion. He sold the company in 2002 to focus on major organisational change implementations in Africa. His work in this field was recognised with an Honorary Doctorate from Sheffield Business School in 2004. John has ran a HIV/AIDS charity on his farm in the Eastern Cape for 10 years.

Roy Lilley is health policy analyst, writer, broadcaster and commentator on the National Health Service and social issues. He was vice chairman of West Surrey and North East Hampshire Health Authority. Between 1991 and 1995 he was the chairman of the Homewood NHS Trust, Chertsey Surrey. He was a visiting fellow at the Management School, Imperial College London and at the Centre for Health Services Management at the University of Nottingham. Roy has written for the Guardian, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and other newspapers, journals and management periodicals including a regular column in Pharmaceutical Marketing Magazine. He runs the NHS Managers Network which produces an opinionated free newsletter four times a week which is claimed to reach 300,00 NHS managers inboxes. He is the author of over 20 books on health service management and is the founder of the NHS Academy of Fabulous Stuff.

Presentations and Materials

Breakout session slides:


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