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MCA Connect is a forum where our microsystem improvement coaches, team members and any other interested parties can come together to hear interesting presentations about topics relevant to quality improvement, and to tap in to each others' experience and knowledge of quality improvement work.

Due to the popularity of the MCA Networking events, we ask that you register your interest by contacting Jessica Huntington

The Next MCA Connect

31st January 2019, Room 2, R Floor, Royal Hallamshire Hospital

If you are interested in attending please email Jessica Huntington

Past MCA Connects

MCA Connect 9 - 09:00 - 16:15 - 9th October 2018, R Floor, RHH - Agenda - Cohort 10 graduation from the MCA included participants from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust, Sheffield Children's Hospital and Sheffield CCG.

Coaches shared their learning in short 'Talk Like TED' presentation styles showcasing creative flare and personal reflections around their chosen topic. Additional sessions included 'Storytelling' by Nick Miller plus two interactive workshops; one technical on 'Capacity and Demand' run by Caroline Eadson and Nick Miller; the other on coaching skill 'Giving and Receiving Feedback' run by Emma Milner and Steve Harrison.

MCA Connect 8 - 09:00 - 16:30 - 29th March 2018, R Floor, RHH - Agenda - Cohort 9 graduation from the MCA included participants from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust, Sheffield Children's Hospital, West Kent CCG, Chesterfield Royal Hospital and City and Hackney GP Confederation.

Coaches shared their stories in a combination of 'Talk Like TED' and poster presentation styles showing a fantasitc range of experiences from this year's Coaches. Additional sessions included a super-sized 'fishbone' generating ideas for staying connected, a super subgroup and a fantatstic 'How to Talk Like TED' interactive workshop with Dr Karl Brennan.

Great to hear everybodys' stories - uplifting!

Thank you for the education and experience.

What a fantastic day, I feel that I have met some fantastic friends.

MCA Connect 7 - 09:00 - 16:30 - 13th July 2017, Mayfield Suite, Fulwood House, Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust - Agenda - Cohort 8 graduation from the MCA included participants from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust, Sheffield Children's Hospital, West Kent CCG, Sheffield CCG, Northumbria Healthcare NHS FT and NHS Improvement. Coaches shared their stories in a combination of 'Talk Like TED' and poster presentation styles showing a fantasitc range of experiences from this year's Coaches. Additional sessions included Cohort 8 Graduate Richard Fletcher talking about Co-production, an interactive Coaching Surgery, plus Nick's worksop on Non-verbal Communication.

The whole day seemed like a celebration of the people and work going on. It was fun. Good presentations, varied and professional.'

MCA Connect 6 - 09:00 - 16:00 - 1st December 2016, R Floor, RHH - Agenda - Cohort 7 graduation from the MCA included participants from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust, West Kent CCG and Sheffield CCG. Coaches shared their stories as well as hearing about other successful microsystems including Medical Photopgraphy at STH and the Brain Injury Unit at SHSC. It was also an opportunity to learn some new coaching skills and techniques including driver diagrams and De Bono's 6 thinking hats.

MCA Connect 5 - 09:00 - 16:00 - 7th April 2016, R Floor, RHH - Agenda - Cohort 6 graduated from the MCA with all graduates attending from Sheffield, West Kent CCG, UCLP, Tower Hamlets and Scotland. A lot of fun was had in the creative sessions and how to get patients more involved in redesigning care. Stories from Geriatric and Stroke Medicine who have been part of the Ward Collaborative and the Demetia Rapid Response Team at Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust. Both shared great journeys and reflections of coaching and being part of a microsystem.

Session Slides:

MCA Connect 4 - 09:00 - 16:00 - 11th September 15, R Floor, RHH - Celebration event for Cohort 5 coaches graduating and also sharing their work through poster presentations. A lot of fun was had when everyone took part in 'The Trading Game' revealing some insights into individual and team behaviours. Please click to view the Agenda.

 The poster presentations were really useful. Good to see different presenting styles, because everyone presented their own take on their journey it gave you a good variety to listen to

MCA Connect 3 - 10:00 - 16:00 - 16th January 15 - R Floor, RHH - This full day event showcased the work that MCA Cohort 4 are doing across Sheffield through poster presentations. We all celebrated Cohort 4 Coaches graduating! The day was full of breakout sessions, stories from the field and activities, lots of learning and sharing was had by all. Please click to view the Agenda and slides

Yet again a 'colourful' experience, not like a lot of the drab presentations I have been to, the mixture  of  presentations and activities made the day go very quickly

MCA Connect 2 - 1200 - 1400 - 11th November 14 - Postgraduate Common Room, Northern General Hospital - Fantastic story from Maria Makhonina (Improvement Facilitator) and Ben Jolly (ODP, MCA Cohort 4 Coach) regarding the improvement work within Neuro Theatres, from the team perspective and the coach. A brilliant game 'Paper Puppets' was played and lots of learning had by all.

MCA Connect 1 - 12:00-14:00 - 1st July 2014 - Room 2, R Floor, RHH - Cohort 3 graduation, poster presentations from cohort 3 coaches sharing their journey, experience and progress with their first microsystem team

Networking Event 11 - 1200-1330 - 6 February 2014 - Postgraduate Common Room, Northern General Hospital - Story from the Field - Sustainable improvement requires not only the improvement tools, but also behaviour change within a service area.  Martin Wildman presents a conceptual framework which will help us understand how to link improvement to behaviour change.

Networking Event 10 - Story from the Field - The MCA is looking forward to welcoming coach Nick Miller and members of the Antenatal team who presented on their microsystem improvement journey thus far.

Networking Event 9 - 1200-1330 - 4 December 2013- A presentation from the Sheffield Contraception and Sexual Health (SCASH) team and their coach, Beccy McGeehan, discussing their microsystem improvement journey, including their fantastic achievements and what they have learnt along the way.

If it hadn't been for microsystems we would never have got to this point...

Networking Event 8 -  5 November 2013 - The Academy welcomed leading psychologist and psychometrician Dr Pete Jones to give a talk on unconscious bias and stereotype threat - how our perception of how others see us affects our behaviour.The official event poster is available to view here.

Networking Event 7 - 24 October 2013 - The Academy were proud to present a talk from Helen Bevan, Head of Transformation for NHS Improving Quality's new NHS Horizons team.  Helen was awarded an OBE in 2001 for her services to healthcare, and was voted as one of the most influential people within the NHS in 2008 as part of the 60 year anniversary of the NHS.  She has worked on a number of high-profile national campaigns, such as NHS Change Day, which has recently won a global award for management innovation from Harvard Business Review. Helen says:

The people who truly change the world are the heretics and radicals; those with the courage to challenge the status quo.  We’ll explore tactics for rocking the boat yet staying in it and engaging others who may not want to change.  We’ll apply thinking and practice of other radical leaders to achieve a "revolution in healthcare quality".

The slides presented at the session are available here.  The video of the session will be uploaded shortly.

Networking Event 6 - 3 October 2011 - Dr Bruce Warner, Deputy Director of Patient Safety for NHS England. Dr Warner gave a talk on NHS England and the patient safety agenda.

Networking Event 5 - 24 July 2013 - One of our own Cohort 1 Coaches, Paul Griffith, delivered a talk on the microsystem improvement work going on in Orthopaedics. Paul invited a member of the theatre team who gave some insights as to how this approach has been different for them and why it has worked when many previous attempts have changed.

This session provided a great opportunity for coaches to hear from front line staff who have been able to diagnose and improve what they do through the use of the microsystem improvement methodology. Paul provided some context to the changes made and a few outcome measures (which according to Paul '...are almost unbelievable in terms of showing the benefits some small changes can make').

Networking Event 4 - 26 June 2013 - We welcomed the User-Centred Healthcare Design team from the NIHR CLAHRC for South Yorkshire who delivered an interactive session on 'Design Thinking' and its application in healthcare. The team drew on methods developed in their Health Foundation SHINE Project currently being run in the Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Unit in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

Networking Event 3 - 15 May 2013 - This event featured a fascinating presentation by Ian Denton, Continuous Improvement Manager at Cadbury Trebor Bassett. Ian delivered a short talk on embedding continuous quality improvement work into their organisation.

Networking Event 2 - 17 April 2013 - This event featured a fascinating presentation by the team working in Community Falls. They have been working closely with the Dartmouth Institute and presented on their use of team coaching, the microsystem improvement methodology and what they have learnt so far. The talk provided a great opportunity for new coaches to find out what it is like coaching front line teams and for more experienced coaches to see coaching from another perspective.

A link to the recording of this event can be found here.

Networking Event 1 - 27 March 2013 - The Sheffield MCA were proud to welcome Dr Mark Bawden from Metaphorics Performance Consultants to our first Networking Event. Dr Bawden is the National Lead Sport Psychologist for the English Institute of Sport and is the Psychologist for the English Cricket Team. Dr Bawden delivered a 30 minute talk entitled 'Searching For Super Strengths' about how we utilise resources and strengths to create rapid changes in performance and solve problems.

A link to a recording of the session can be found here.









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