Electronic Check-in and Workflow

This project provides check in kiosks which reduce patients waiting when they arrive for an appointment, and enables staff to keep track of all patients in the department and keep clinic running smoothly.

The electronic check in and workflow system is being rolled out across a range of outpatient locations in STH. Twelve (12) OP departments are now using the system to run clinics and a further 17 outpatient locations will operate the system by April 2019.

The system enables patients to check in electronically for their outpatient appointment at a touchscreen kiosk instead of queuing to check in at reception. Once checked in, staff can then track each patient through every step in their appointment and ensure a smooth flow of patients through the department. 

Where appropriate, a call through screen in the waiting area informs patients of their waiting time and any delays. Electronic check-in provides an easy way for patients to announce their arrival in a department and can reduce queues and waiting time. The workflow element of the system supports better flow through clinic and can help staff to make improvements to their clinics.

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