Sheffield Microsystem Coaching Academy

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The overall aim of the Sheffield MCA is to improve quality, safety and value within the Sheffield health care system through coaching interdisciplinary professional groups to be able to provide exceptional care and continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness.  The Sheffield MCA was supported in this aim by the Health Foundation's Shared Purpose Programme.

Coach the Coach Training

Each cohort consists of 25-30 colleagues from across Sheffield's Healthcare System and beyond. These individuals will be trained by the Sheffield MCA supported by the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice (TDI) from the USA. The Dartmouth team have been researching, coaching and leading clinical microsystem development since the early 1980s. They teach the Microsystem Academy’s eCoach the coach (eCTC) programme which offers an innovative and rigorous action learning curriculum in the art and science of coaching interdisciplinary microsystem groups. The Sheffield MCA is based on this eCTC programme translated for the local context.


The duration of the taught course is six months, during which time each participant will work with a microsystem multidisciplinary team who must be willing and able to engage in weekly quality improvement work.

Participants are asked to identify a microsystem for coaching by the start of the course. Over a period of six months you will receive training and support which will enable you to effectively coach a multidisciplinary team. You will then work with a microsystem and engage in weekly quality improvement work, learning how to coach and develop skills within that team so they are equipped to recognise and implement change successfully and sustainably in future.  The coaches will then continue to coach the teams beyond the course, usually up to 18-24 months, by which time the team should have built the skills and confidence to carry on improving with out the coaching support.

Full details are available on the Academy page here.

Introduction to Quality Improvement Course

To compliment the MCA the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals' Service Improvement team run a regular two day 'Introduction to Quality Improvement Course'.

The two days are designed to introduce the basics of quality improvement through a mixture of presentation, video and practical exercises, and is aimed at anyone who is interested in quality improvement, as a leader, a potential MCA coach or as part of an improvement team.

Following interest from staff at other organisations, the Service Improvement team are now proud to offer the course to external delegates.

Full details are available on the QI Course page here.

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