CF HealthHub Collaborative

The CFHealthHub Improvement Collaborative creates a community of improvement in which CF teams work together to discover how to provide the highest possible quality of care. The collaborative aims to provide a learning community to enable people with CF to master CF by building habits of self-care and clinical teams to change to support that self-care.  Clinical teams find it easy to respond to crisis admissions that require rescue  but CF is beaten in the days, weeks and months when people with CF are self-managing in the community . CFHealthHub  is a platform that allows people with CF to share data about self-management with the clinical teams. It is hoped that this sharing will allow people with CF to help clinicians learn how best to support long term self-care. 

The collaborative will use the microsystem approach to structure and support the quality improvement work.

 We are currently working with three centres in the UK;

  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Adult CF centre
  • University Hospital Southampton CF centre
  • Nottingham University Hospitals CF centre

CFHealthHub Improvement Collaborative events will be delivered throughout 2018/2019

To learn more about the CFHealthHub Improvement collaborative and Data Observatory click here - CFHealthHub

The CFHealthHub Improvement collaborative is part of a wider research programme funded by the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) Programme Grants for Applied Research to ‘Develop and evaluate an intervention to support Adherence to treatment in adults with Cystic Fibrosis’. This programme will deliver a comprehensive behaviour change intervention for  CF patients and a legacy of service transformation and CF research for CF professionals and academics.  The diagram below shows an overview of the programme.


CFHealthHub Quality Improvement One Page Book

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CFHealthHub Programme Update (April 2018)

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Carla Girling (Programme Manager) 

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