• Stories from the field

    Huntsman 4

    “Read about how a large Geriatric Ward is making changes and improvements for patients and staff ”

  • Stories from the field

    Frailty Sheffield

    “Read how the Frailty Unit tested a range of approaches, including using recliner chairs in ambulatory assessment, to ensure patients are assessed early in their stay on the unit.”

  • Stories from the field

    COPD Sheffield

    “Read how the COPD team and FCA coaches have worked together to bring improvements to patient care”

  • MCA two day QI Course

    The MCA runs a monthly two day 'Introduction to Quality Improvement' course where delegates can learn microsystem and quality improvement basics.

    We welcome participants from all organisations and roles.

    To find out more about the content and to book on the course click on the arrow.

  • Latest News

    18 Dec 2018

    New Flow Coaching Academies Announced

    Three new Flow Coaching Academies announced

    11 Oct 2018

    MCA Expo 18 - See and hear what happened

    Watch this video to see and hear what happened at this years expo!

  • Flow Coaching Academy

    The Sheffield MCA is supporting teams to improve the flow of patients through care pathways.

    We are looking for pathways and flow improvement coaches to join the Flow Coaching Academy : please click the arrow for more information

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